Q : Where is Beblum from?

A : Born in Singapore, Beblum is created in 2016!


Q : Why are there different products sold in Singapore and Malaysia?

A : Due to the different demands in the different markets, Beblum products are designed and curated to suit individual market.


Q : Can I purchase Beblum products directly from here? 

A : Our products are currently sold by our official distributors and their authorised retailers only.


Q : Where can I register warranty for my Beblum products? 

A : Kindly approach our official distributor in your country of purchase to inquire more about the warranty registration.


Q : Can I approach Beblum directly regarding my Beblum purchase(s) and the relevant warranty issue(s)?

A : We advise to reach out to our official distributor in your country of purchase for such inquiries as they are given full authority to manage the warranty issues. The local distributor will be able to resolve the issues within a shorter period of time as they hold the relevant purchase details.