Beblum Car Seat
Crash Exchange Programme​



At Beblum, we believe that safety is the most important aspect of a qualified baby gear. This is exceptionally crucial for car seats because most car
accidents result in a large collision impact. While your little one is protected
by the car seat, it has likely to have absorbed a large amount of impact
during the accident. In such cases, the car seat is probably
not suitable for further usage.

Beblum is proud to be the first brand in Singapore to roll out a 1-to-1 Crash Exchange Programme, to allow customers to exchange their crashed
car seat for a new one without any additional cost, ensuring that their little ones will continue to enjoy a safe and protected ride.



Claiming Process


Pictures of the accident & car seat.


Police report of the accident.


Proof of Purchase (online invoice/physical receipt).

*Soft copy is accepted.


Crashed car seat.

STEP 2 :

Bring the above items to our Singapore Offical Distributor, Baby's Hyperstore, to register for exchange.

Terms & Conditions

1. The exchange programme is applicable only to Beblum car seats sold or distributed in Singapore under Beblum Pte Ltd or Baby's Hyperstore Pte Ltd. 

2. Only selected Beblum car seat models qualify for the programme - Nado O6, Nado O7, Nado O10 and Gamma.

3. The exchange programme is limited to ONE TIME entitlement, within the warranty period. 

4. Proof of accident and crashed car seat shall be brought down to Baby's Hyperstore within 7 days from date of police report. Late submission will not be entertained.

5. The replacement car seat will be issued within 7 days upon receiving date of full set of required documents, pictures and crashed car seat. 

6. Replacement car seat is to be self-collected at the office within 7 days upon notification of replacement ready date.

7. The replacement will include only the frame of the car seat without the fabric cover. Customers are to re-use existing car seat fabric cover.

8. For discontinued car seat model, an equivalent value car seat will be issued.  

9. Car seat which is not within the warranty period will not qualify for the exchange programme. 

10. We reserve the rights to change, amend, cancel or remove the 1-to-1 Crashed Exchange Programme at any time without prior notice.