Beblum Lavo 3 Extension Set

Color: White

Lavo 3 Extension Set allows you to convert the original Lavo 5 Baby Cot into a bigger cot for twin babies or a playpen for your older kid. It can be used to convert the Lavo cot into a table and chair set as well. It cannot be used by itself, rather only acts as an extension of the Lavo 5.


This extension set comes with :

  • 1 x bed base extension
  • 2 x side railing extension
  • 2 x rotating wheels
  • 1 x 120 x 40cm oeko-tex mattress
  • 1 x fitted sheet (120 x 100 cm) - to cover the two mattress together


*1 year local warranty on manufacturing defects.


Multi-Functional Baby Cot

Can be converted to different modules for usage at different ages, from co-sleeper to baby cot, toddler bed, playpen, chair and table!

*Wheels to be removed when used as toddler bed / playpen / chair / table.

9 Adjustable Heights

Easily adjustable to fit the height of the parent's bed as a co-sleeper, a convenient height for the child to climb up as a toddler bed, or even to be used as a playpen.

Revolutionary Easy Click System

No tools required for installation, this easy click system allows you to install the cot within just 5-10 min.

One Person Installation

Unique design groove to hold base board while tightening the screws individually. No extra hand needed to support the base board on the other end.

Removable Front Panel

Easily removed with just two clicks at the top corners.

Premium Wood Quality

High quality german beechwood and birchwood are used for the bed base and supporting pillars to withstand up to 250 kg of load.

*Note that the wheels can only support up to 30 kg. Hence, for functions which are supporting a heavier weight, the wheels need to be removed first.

Eco-friendly Paint

A baby-safe, eco-friendly paint has been used on the cot to ensure your baby is not exposed to any harmful chemicals.

With Lavo 3 Extension Set

Form a twin baby cot or bigger playpen with our Lavo 3 extension set to give your kid a bigger space to sleep and play! Transform the cot into a study table and chair set when the kid is older.